Fit N Pilates

Do you want be flexible and have great posture? To look and feel healthy, with a body able to do things you have not done in years? Do you want to be strong and healthy in your core? If you live in Plano, Tx, then you are in luck! Benefit from the results only Fit N Pilates can give you. We are an “authentic” Pilates studio with an additional focus on nutrition, and are passionate about you meeting your fitness goals. How do we get results? Here’s how:

  • Authentic Pilates – We maintain the integrity and traditions of the authentic Pilates Method!  This method is a proven method ONLY when done correctly.  It is performed on uniquely designed equipment to deepen the musculature and stabilization of the body.
  • Customized for you – We outline specific programs and exercises for each client that takes into consideration your unique body, life situation and fitness goals.
  •  Expert Instructors – Many places with Pilates equipment use instructors with 1 week end of training!  We only have expert instructors who are certified with a major Pilates institution, most all requiring at least 600 hours of training.  Our instructors strive to be leaders in the field by continuing their education through seminars and workshops and our highly qualified to give you results.
  • Results Focused! – We are committed to invigorate people of all abilities to develop strong, balanced and healthy bodies.  The focus is squarely on the results you need during your workout.